Thursday, 2 January 2014

Celebrity Dog Lover - Amanda Seyfried & Finn

Amanda Seyfried is rarely seen without her beloved and gorgeous rescue pup, Finn the Australian Shepherd. Just clicking onto her Instagram here you can tell Finn is a BIG part of her life. In a recent interview she said “I’m a little bit obsessed. There’s something about Finn’s love that he gives me and the moments that we share together that are so natural and without drama. I mean, he doesn’t talk. He just listens. He needs me in a very basic way.” Such a lovely way of expressing what it's like to be a dog owner. 

I thought I had too many photos of my dogs on my Instagram but I guess it's just the sign of a proud 'parent' and devoted dog lover. And why not when he's such a handsome chap, and it's clear the love is reciprocated. They say a dog is a man's best friend and Amanda's Instagram page absolutely proves that. Finn even has his own Twitter account! If only all dogs in the world were loved as much as Finn clearly is. Here are a few of my favourites...

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

It's Christmassssss!!

Like me, I'm sure your pooch is one of the family so of course they deserve their own present on Christmas day! I've searched high and low to find the best doggie Christmas Hampers, all come gorgeously wrapped and are certain to make their tail wag on Christmas day! 

1x Snaffles Party Mix treat bag 
1x Pup Tart Bow Tie (blue leopard) 
1x East End Best Friend giant pom pom toy (pink)

1 Cuddle blanket
1 Soft bone toy
1 packet of Hungry Hector dog treats
1 packet of venison sausages
1 Beco toy
1 Christmas pupcake

Small antler bar
Anco Root
1 Packet of homemade turkey and cranberry treat biscuits
1 Packet of turkey and cranberry pupcakes
1 packet of Woof and Brew

Christmas dinner in a can by Lily's Kitchen
Anter chew
Luxurious dog shampoo by John Paul Pet
Lily's Kitchen liver treats
Bone toy from Mutts & Hounds

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tail-Wagging Picks: Dog's Trust Calendar

The Dog's Trust do brilliant work. I remember doing a bake sale with my two friends when I was about 10 to raise money for The Dog's Trust and managed to get myself featured in their magazine. Ecstatic does not even describe how excited I was about it at the time! And I still enjoy supporting them today.

It's 2014 calendar time and I love the one that the Dog's Trust create every year, not just because it shows cute pooches every month but each month features a heartwarming real-life story of dogs they've helped all round the country. 

Whether it's a gift to yourself or others it's for a great cause, and you get to coo over cute doggies all year round! 

You can get it here

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Review: Cruelty free moisturisers

Cruelty free moisturiser

I believe that we shouldn't make animals pay for us looking good which is why I shop for cruelty free make-up and skincare products. I'm really into my beauty products and I'm always on the look out for a great moisturiser. I love products that make you feel pampered and thought I would let you in on my top 5 cruelty free moisturisers (Men - this isn't just a woman only post, they'd make your skin great too!). 

I'm not a preacher in any way and don't like blogs that constantly preach to others to do what they do/buy what they buy etc, but I just want to encourage thoughtfulness with make-up and skincare products and to maybe appreciate the background of the products you buy. I hope this post shows that there are so many amazing products out there that are cruelty free, there's no need to buy anything else! 

So when possible look out for the bunny symbol which is the international gold symbol for companies that are cruelty free. 

I've bought this moisturer a couple of times now which proves to me that it works and is good value for money. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh and stops drying out in these cold winter conditions! I buy the intense version as I tend to get very dry skin in winter but they also have a version for normal skin. 

You may have heard rumours about this one and I can tell you they're all true. Origins Gin-Zing eye cream and moisturiser has featured on almost every beauty blog going and there's almost definitely a reason for it. This little beauty illuminates your skin and smells great.  

If you're looking for an inexpensive moisturiser that'll do the job then look no further. M&S's Miracle Balm makes you skin feel velvety soft and prevents dryness. It's also multi-purpose so you can use it as a cleanser or a mask as well although I just use it as a moisturiser underneath my make-up. 

The pricey option but they do say that you get what you pay for. After about a week of testing Arbonne's day cream I really did notice a difference with my skin. I had a glow and actually got a comment about how good my skin looked so 'is it worth the money' you ask, I say yes.

I've always been a fan of Liz Earle and her simple but effective beauty products. As a company they have great principles showing you can create exceptional beauty products without the need to damage others or the environment. The Lavender Cleanse and Polish is a personal favourite before bed but the Skin Repair Moisturiser is also a winner. 

*China have a rule that all beauty products HAVE to be tested on animals. If you do make sure you stick to products against animal testing then watch out as a few companies who have previously been against animal testing in their products have now gone against that to benefit their profit margins in order to be able to sell in China. Full story can be found here

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Downward Dog. Doga - what's it all about?

Watch out, there's a new craze making it's way over the pond from the trendy New York gym studios. Doga has hit the capital and as an existing lover of yoga and obviously of dogs too I was intrigued to find out more about it. 

Doga involves stretching, massage and chanting and is meant to create a unique bond between you and your dog through the calming, happy environment yoga creates. 
Dr Robin Brennen, chief of veterinary medicine at the Bidawee Animal Shelter in New York, hosts classes run by dog trainer and yogi Kari Harendorf. She says that 'Dogs are naturally very inquisitive creatures and at the beginning of the class they were all tussling, yipping and barking, but you can see a change in energy levels and a drop in stress and anxiety as the class continues.' For Dr Brennan, the animals most benefit from the bonding experience with their owner, rather than exercise, particularly if they spend a lot of time on their own. The impression I get is that Yoga is meant to benefit both you and your dog in a physical and mental way.

It seems like a great way to do some excercise with your dog that isn't the normal walking in the park but is it the next big thing to build a bond between you and your pooch or one step too far into barking mad territory? It's an interesting concept, feel free to make you're own mind up, but for now I'm still a little dubious! But you never know, watch this space...

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Spolight on: The Stylish Dog Company Beds

The three most important things your dog needs; lots of lovely walks, tasty food and an incredibly comfy bed to sleep on. Luckily The Stylish Dog Company have got the last one covered. They offer a range of gorgeous hand-made beds that your dog will love and are a stylish addition to the home. 

The Stylish Dog Company offer a range of beds from trendy wooden beds to (my personal favourite) luxury corduroy beds and also offer a waterproof cushion liner to stop the damp doggy smells from wet and muddy paws seeping through to the inside cushion (the outside covers are all machine washable). The corduroy beds also apparently repel pet hair as well which is a big plus! has the full range of beds plus loads of other stylish doggy items. 
Red Dotty Bed (£55)

Latte Luxury Corduroy Bed (£99)

Chic Wooden Dog Bed (£195)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tail-Wagging Picks: Top 5 British Made Dog Collars

If you have to splurge on one thing for you pooch it has to be the collar. It's an item that's worn most of the time so make it one that's going to get them noticed for all the right reasons!

I love to support all things designed and made in Britain. Why shop anywhere else when you can find gorgeous collars like these in the good old UK?

Hiro + Wolf Emerald Dog Collar (£27.50)

Bone & Rag Brown Leather Collar (from £45)
Handmade Leather Dog Collar, brown dog collar, luxury dog collar, designer dog collar, Leather dog collar

Woof! Studded Leather Collar (£85)
Woof blue leather studded designer dog collar

Love My Dog Pixley Harris Tweed Pink Collar (£29)

Mungo and Maud Navy Leather Plaited Collar (£99.50)
Navy Leather Plaited Dog Collar 28-34cm